Sunset at Lake Victoria

Tilapia Production

African Blue Limited is producing very fresh and high quality tilapia in cages in the clear and pristine waters of Lake Victoria. We are located next to Uyawi Beach in Siaya County, Western Kenya, 15 km south of Bondo (for details see the map below).

Our cages are situated in one of the best areas for cage farming in Lake Victoria. Our fish are grown in the clean and very natural waters of the open Lake, just like the fish from the wild - no pollution, no muddy taste!

We feed our fish with the best feeds available. The feeds are of the highest international standards and quality, which gives our Tilapia a high level of omega-3 fatty acids. This is the reason why our African Blue - Poa Tilapia has that extraordinary good taste and why it is so important for a healthy diet.

African Blue - Poa Tilapia


We employ local and we sell local, to give 100% support to the local community and to boost the Kenyan economy! Certified as "Made in Kenya" as of 17th August 2019.

African Blue - Poa Tilapia - Made in Kenya Be a proud Kenyan - By Kenyan Products

African Blue - Poa Tilapia


How to find us

African Blue - Poa Tilapia - How to find us

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